Crawl Space & Basement Inspection

See Or Suspect Problems In Your Crawl Space Or Basement? We Want To Help!

We Offer Free Basement and Crawl Space Inspections For Any Home In Our Service Area

Simply give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert inspection team members. We start by meeting you and having an open discussion about your crawl space questions and concerns. We will ask about the condition of your floors, any potential odors, age of the home, if you plan on moving, any previous waterproofing or crawl space work done on the home, and anything else pertaining to your home’s crawl space.

This inspection can also be part of a comprehensive review of your entire HVAC system and Indoor Air Quality. Our goal is to get a thorough assessment of your situation before we ever enter the crawl space. This enables us to offer each crawl space a custom solution tailored exactly to your goals for the home.

Next, we crawl your entire crawl space checking for issues with wood, vapor barrier, vents, insulation, drainage, condensation, fungal growth, and much more. We then take laser measurements of your crawl space to have an exact diagram of the layout. This process usually takes around 30 minutes, depending on the conditions of the crawl space.

After that, we will formulate a few different solutions for you. Then we sit down and thoroughly go through all the solutions and see which is the best fit. This part of the process usually takes 30-45 minutes, depending on the situation and how many questions you may have.

Don’t wait! Have all your questions answered today! Give us a call today at 706-222-6653(MOLD) and our friendly staff will set up an appointment at the best time for you.