Drainage Systems

Standing Water Is A Common Crawl Space Issue Often Resolved With A Well-Designed Drainage System

Standing water is a big problem if present in your crawl space or basement. Whether from a busted pipe, a big rainstorm, or water intrusion, water can find its way into your foundation area. It seeps in from under the footer and the block or brick wall. Once inside the crawl space, it can cause the foundation to settle and add to the humidity in the crawl space air. We offer a complete interior drain system to manage water intrusion.

When it comes to standing water in your crawl space, the priority is to know how the water got there and solve that problem first. Drainage systems are excellent at removing excess water but not preventing the water from accumulating in the first place. Standing water and pooling water in your crawl space evaporates very slowly due to a lack of direct sunlight, so without a proper drainage system, water can sit under your home for an extended period, creating many problems.

The Signs Your Crawl Space Needs A Drainage System

The biggest problems to watch out for that might indicate that your home’s crawl space needs a drainage system are standing water, high humidity, and sagging floors. 

Standing water in a crawl space means a lot of moisture, and when moisture levels are very high, wood rot becomes a very serious issue. The wood structures under your home can be compromised by potential wood rot. A form of mold growth causes wood rot, and as it eats away at the wood, it becomes soft and bouncy, leading to sagging floors when it affects the supporting structures under your home. If left untreated, floors can eventually entirely collapse. Even if wood rot itself isn’t present, soft wet wood is enticing to wood-eating bugs like termites, creating structural problems. 

High humidity is a given when there is excess water that needs to be drained away, but what you may not realize is all the adverse effects of high humidity on your home and health. High humidity doesn’t just stay in your crawl space; it affects your whole home. All that extra moisture in the air of your home can cause health problems for you and your family, especially for those with breathing issues or older family members. High humidity also raises your electricity bill as your A/C unit will have to work harder to combat the extra moisture.

The Complete Drainage System Solution For Your Basement Or Crawl Space

At Clean Crawlspace, we are specialists when it comes to installing custom drainage systems for your home’s crawl space or basement. This consists of a trench and a drainpipe installed on the interior of the crawl space. Water will always find a way around external solutions over time. The key is to manage it and ensure it stays out of the crawl space and off the home’s foundation. We believe in our drainage systems so much we offer a 10-Year Warranty on labor.

We are pros at installing sump pump systems. These systems are great for preventing water build-up in the case of floods, busted pipes, or other emergencies that might lead to water in your crawl space.

Although some homeowners like to try to install these systems themselves to cut costs, having a contractor-grade system installed by a professional may save you money in the long run. Our systems are installed so that they last, and we get the job done right the first time so that you won’t have to worry about paying more money later down the line.

See Or Suspect Problems In Your Crawl Space Or Basement? We Want To Help!

The Benefits Of A Well Drained Crawl Space

Besides preventing other issues that can seriously affect your home, there are some other benefits to having an excellent drainage system in your crawl space. A well-drained crawl space without excess moisture means lower humidity in your home, making it more comfortable living in and lowering the cost of running the HVAC in your home. This also extends the life of your HVAC by putting it under less strain. Lower humidity also eliminates problems like termite and pest infestations, wood rot, and mold growth. 

Don’t wait for a pipe to burst or heavy rain to flood your home’s crawl space or basement. If you need a drainage system installed in your crawl space, get Clean Crawlspace. Our expert inspectors can diagnose and solve all standing water issues in your crawl space! Give our friendly team a call at 706-222-6653(MOLD) to have your crawl space handled!