Sump Pumps

Get Rid Of Standing Water For Good With A Sump Pump

Standing water in your crawl space is a serious issue! It can mean mold growth, which can negatively impact your home’s foundation. A sump pump can not only solve any standing water issues, but they also help prevent flooding!  

A sump pump is normally installed in the lowest point of crawl space or basement. Clean Crawlspace always uses the highest quality sump pump available at each price point. The sump pump will kick on every time the basin fills up with water, pumping it up and out of the crawl space through a discharge line.

A sump pump is an integral part of waterproofing your crawl space and, if used along with other remediation methods, will prevent standing water for good!

Does Your Home Need a Sump Pump?

If your home’s crawl space has standing water or the potential to flood, you should absolutely have a sump pump. Some local building codes even require that a sump pump be installed when a crawl space encapsulation service is performed. The best time to install a sump pump is before flooding occurs or standing water pools.

If your crawl space already has standing water, identifying the cause of the water in your crawl space is an important first step so that any issues can be repaired. Many of your home’s pipes go through your crawl space, and if any of them are leaking, they can cause water to accumulate. It could be a landscaping issue, where the water is directed toward your crawl space. 

You may have a water table that is higher than your crawl space and could lead to water coming up through the ground. There could also be a crack in your foundation that allows water to seep through. There are many different reasons for water intrusion, so be sure to do your research and get an inspection if you’re having trouble identifying the cause of water in your crawl space. 

Water in your home’s crawl space may seem like a normal thing. However, you should never have excess moisture or water in your crawlspace or basement. Water and high moisture levels can introduce all kinds of issues that can negatively affect your home’s foundation and even your family’s health.

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The Benefits of a Sump Pump for Your Crawl Space Or Basement

Even just a few inches of water in your crawl space can cause severe and long-lasting damage that is expensive to repair. Installing a sump pump can help eliminate the concern and worry of mold growth, property damage, and pests in your crawl space.

Installing a sump pump and drainage system in your home’s crawl space can save you the expense and headache of dealing with the issues caused by water in your crawl space before they occur. A sump pump is a relatively affordable preventative measure to make sure that your crawl space remains water-free. They’re also excellent for flood prevention.

The Dangers of Water in Your Crawl Space

Water and excess moisture in your crawlspace can lead to long-term structural damage and create health issues for your family if left unchecked. Many homeowners neglect their crawl space on accident, as it is out of sight, out of mind. Mold growth is especially dangerous and very common in crawl spaces.

Mold and mildew growth are nearly guaranteed if there is water in your crawl space. As mold grows in dark wet spaces, so your crawl space becomes the ideal environment for mold when there is excess moisture and water. Mold will grow on ducts, joists, piers, and any hard surface and will even begin eating into the softer materials, such as wood and insulation. Mold can single-handedly destroy your home if it is allowed to spread and grow unchecked.

Mold can also affect you and your family’s health if it becomes bad enough. The spores can get into the air of your home and cause health issues for your family. This can include eye irritation, excessive sneezing, coughing, wheezing, nasal stuffiness, and throat irritation.  If mold reaches an extreme level, it can cause serious health problems, especially for those with breathing issues and elderly family members. Breathing in toxic mold can lead to asthma, bronchitis, and migraines. Even more serious medical issues, like obstructive lung disease, are known to develop from prolonged exposure to mold.

Water in the crawl space also allows pests to cause damage. Mites and termites are an especially serious threat, as they too thrive in damp, wet environments. Termites can eat away at the wood under your home and seriously damage your home’s foundation and structural integrity. 

Emergency Flood Prevention With a Sump Pump

One of the most significant benefits and reasons that each and every home should have a sump pump in their crawl space is the protection one can provide from unexpected flooding. Flooding is a risk to every house; all it takes is one burst water pipe or a big storm to bring in unexpected water to cause damage to your home.

While we hope these things never happen, we can’t predict the future, so it’s best to be prepared. A sump pump can save your home from thousands of dollars in damage in the case of flooding.

Prevent Standing Water in Your Crawl Space!

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