The Best Long-Term Solution For Your Crawl Space Is A Crawl Space Encapsulation

This solution addresses all areas of concern related to humidity and moisture in the crawl space. An encapsulation essentially means your crawl space is sealed from the ground, walls, outside air, and water intrusion. Several studies illustrating the significant benefits of encapsulation have sparked the rapid growth in the popularity of this home improvement. In fact, customer demand for this type of work is why Clean Heating and Air created Clean Crawlspace in the first place!

Crawl Space Liner Differences

There are several different types of crawl space liners available; For encapsulation, Clean Crawlspace recommends 12-mil or higher; we can go up to a 96-mil in some situations where the crawl space is going to be high traffic (storage, lawn mower storage, etc.). All our encapsulations are covered by our 10-Year-Work Warranty, and a liftime warranty on liner material– if it rips, tears, or breaks under normal wear and tear, we’ll come out and get it fixed!

The Clean Crawlspace Encapsulation Process

First, we completely cover the ground with the polyethylene. Then, we run it 6 inches up the wall and fasten it in place. Next, we run it 6 inches up the piers and seal it around them. Last, we will seal the foundation vents and install a dehumidification system. This is a full encapsulation.

Benefits Of A Sealed Crawl Space

There are many benefits of sealing your crawl space by encapsulating, here are a few of them:

  • Maintains the structural integrity of the home’s foundation by keeping the wooden structural support beams and floor joist dry, which ensures their long-term strength.
  • Ensures clean air inside the living space of your home. Most homeowners do not realize that up to half the air they are breathing inside the home comes from the crawl space. Air comes up through the seal plate along all perimeter walls, leaks into the ductwork and the HVAC unit, as well as permeates through any openings in the sub-floor. With an encapsulated crawl space, this air will always be clean when it comes into the living space.
  • Allows for control of the humidity level in the crawl space. Because mold cannot grow at or below 55% relative humidity in the air, this is essential to long term mold and fungal growth prevention.
  • Helps reduce insect intrusion. Bugs navigate to dark, damp areas. When your crawl space is clean and dry, it can reduce the number of pests coming into your home.
  • Increased storage area for your home. If the crawl space is 3 feet or higher, encapsulating can create a nice and clean secondary storage area.

Time-Tested Crawl Space Solutions

One of the most important things is to be sure of before doing a project on your home is that the method/product has been researched and tested over a long period of time. Encapsulation technology has been developed for over 2 decades and has now become the leading home protection project, even by new home builders. Your home is the biggest investment in your life and protecting the structural integrity and health of the living space, is of utmost importance. Encapsulation can be cost-effective as a stand-alone project– or an even more complete answer as part of a comprehensive indoor air-quality solution.

See Or Suspect Problems In Your Crawl Space Or Basement? We Want To Help!

How Much Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Cost?

Encapsulation cost can vary on several different things:

  • Square footage of the crawl space
  • Wall height of the crawl space
  • Amount of mold/fungal growth on the wood joist
  • Condition of the insulation
  • Existing debris in the crawl space

Every solution is tailored to fit the crawl space, and every home is different. The best way to find out is to receive a free assessment and quote on the encapsulation project. Give our friendly team a call at 706-222-6653(MOLD) to have your crawl space handled!